I really want to assist students with learning through motivation. Students are all different and have different motivations. Each individual student needs something to help guide them towards a goal.
Motivation can be Intrinsic, a reason from within such as pleasure, or Extrinsic, an external source such as praise or reward. As instructors, you would love each student to want to learn for learning’s sake; however, that’s simply not the case. A good teacher will find ways to motivate students, and that motivation will lead to learning. I want to make sure my students know that I believe in them, that they are free to succeed and fail, and that they can achieve the goals they set for themselves. Sometimes the belief of another is all the motivation a student needs.

“Through the exercise of forethought, people motivate themselves and guide their actions in anticipation of future events. When projected over a long time course on matters of value, a forethoughtful perspective provides direction, coherence, and meaning to one’s life” – Albert Bandura

There are several ways to use motivation in the classroom. One example is to give the students a stake in what happens in the class, allow them to help set the rules and expectations. Another motivation is to make objectives clear so that students know exactly what their goal is. And finally, if all else fails the offer of reward generally tends to work well.


Motivation in the classroom can help improve student focus, cause them to work harder, set and achieve higher goals, take risk, try new things, have a higher self-efficacy, and better utilize their thoughts and emotions.


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